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Wendigo Horror Mystery Monster
Wendigo Horror Mystery Monster Explanation: Today we are going to know about a mystery monster, knowing about which you will make a wish that you never face this. The name of this monster is Wendigo and it is found in North America. It is a creature that is hungry for only human flesh. There are many unique creatures in this world, which science has not even known properly, and of these, Wendigo is one such creature. 
The word Wendigo means an evil spirit that eats human flesh. According to Algonquian tribals settling in North America, A normal human being can also become a Wendigo If he kills a human and consumes his flesh. According to a saying of Algonquian tribals, a very evil spirit enters the body of such man-eating people, which compels them to eat more human flesh and to do evil deeds. Witnesses believe that Wendigo may be very large, 10 to 20 feet high. After eating its human prey, its size keeps increasing. But despite being a giant, there is a lack of flesh on its body.
It is said that humans who become Wendigo, start eating their flesh after being disturbed by hunger and for this reason they look like a bone structure. Wendigo’s skin and hair colour is white. Possibility!
And Wendigo has two deep holes on its face instead of eyes and sharp teeth in its mouth with the help of which it can eat large pieces of flesh.
Wendigo smells like rotting flesh from its body and its presence can be detected due to this dirty smell. Wendigo is said to be very speedy and powerful. Wendigo has powers that it can use to sound like any human or animal. It can use these powers to attract people to them. If Wendigo is to be killed, attacked on its heart or severed on its head. But it is not an easy task to overcome this dreaded speedy creature.
So far, Wendigo has been seen only in the icy forests of the US and Canada. Due to the harsh conditions of these snowy forests, it is very difficult to stay alive here and it can be easy for anyone to eat their companions.

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