Bengal Swamps – Aleya Ghost Lights Reported in the Marshes – Top10 Contents

Bengal Swamps – Aleya Ghost Lights Reported in the Marshes – Top10 Contents

Bengal Swamps Aleya Ghost Lights

For many years, it has been reported that there are haunted places on Earth that are ruled by paranormal forces. India has one such haunted place in West Bengal, Bengal swamps which no dearth of stories has related to it. People have experienced the movement of strange objects, heard scary sounds, and at times felt the presence of some supernatural force in an empty location.

Aleya ghost lights are ones that are discovered in West Bengal marshes. Fishermen reported the presence of these lights and it is said that is anyone tried following these lights, he might drown near to death. Stories say these are ghost lights representing the old fishermen that died here fishing. These Bengal Swamps Ghosts lights at times have confused fishermen while at times they prevent them from potential dangers.

Bengal Swamps Ghosts lights frequently are referred to as Aleya lights that are associated with bog lands, swamps, and marshes. Though nothing much is explained about this haunted place in West Bengal, yet people do feel scared on the mere name of this destination. Some scientists say that these lights glow due to the presence of methane and its ionization process. The main source for the generation of methane is putrefying the organic matter and is available in a good amount in bog lands or waterlogged swampy regions.

While there are other scientists that claim that these lights glow during geological faulting and at times are linked frictions of 2 moving blocks of rocks on different sides.

Different stories are attached to this haunted location however the people still fear the place and call it the home of ghosts.

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