Malcha Mahal – A Palace in Ruins – Haunted Place

Malcha Mahal – A Palace in Ruins or a Dwelling Place for Haunting Ghosts – Haunted Place

Malcha Mahal - a palace in ruins
Credit For Images Hindustan Times

Malcha Mahal in Delhi was an ancient village populated by thousands of Villagers in 1600 A.D. In 1985, the Government of India gave the custody to the royal descendant Begum Wilayat Mahal of Awadh, later renamed as Wilayat Mahal. She committed suicide at an age of 60 under depression and now her son, the prince Riaz Mahal and daughter, Princess Sakina Mahal who always dresses in black, live in the Mahal. Both siblings live in the Mahal with absolutely no interaction with the world outside the palace, confines with their mother’s ashes and their fierce hound dogs.

Malcha Mahal in Delhi also known as the Bistdari Mahal is located in the forest area back of Buddha Garden. It is nearby to Delhi earth station. Now, there are majorly only ruins left of what once was a large dynasty of Malcha locals. What is left of the legacy of this place is the history and the mystery connected with it. Rumors of Malcha Mahal paranormal activities are spread among the people, even the forest officers keep a safe distance from this place. Reporters and Journalists think twice before entering the premises.

It is said that numerous people who have attempted to enter the royal palace premises have not returned. The big question here is whether the rumors of any such Malcha Mahal paranormal activities are real. Is it right to enlist this place as one of the Haunting places in India? Is it true that this place is now a home for ghosts? Or is there another story behind all these reports?

Being a historical place, people also think that there is hidden treasure buried in these ruins; and therefore there have been countless efforts of robbery. There is a signboard hung at the entry gate of Malcha Mahal in Delhi advising people to stay away and beware of Hound dogs and that any trespasser could be gunned down. Afraid of these robbery attempts on a regular basis, the government gave the royal family rights to self-protection. They have been given licensed guns and authority to shoot anyone who they deem dangerous or threatening. It could be said that since after their right to shoot, the incidents of people disappearing began once they enter the Mahal. It could also be concluded that it is only a myth about the paranormal activity in Malcha Mahal, while the reality could be something totally human and natural.

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