Dumas Beach Gujarat, India – Haunted Places

Dumas Beach Gujarat, India – Haunted Places

haunted places in gujrat

The haunted stories are usually related to old ruined forts, but this haunted place is something unique and never heard of. The only scary beach in India is that of Dumas. Usually, people go to the beach to relax from a hectic schedule and breathe in the fresh air. But this beach does not offer such a luxury.

The Dumas beach located at about 13 miles from the city of Surat, Gujarat is said to be haunted by tormented souls. The black sand of the beach has a cremation ground where dead (tormented souls) are buried. The humans that were tormented throughout their life seek cremation in this very ground. Locals believe that souls of these humans haunt people who walk along the beach at night. The air gets frizzy and staunch of odd material at nights becomes unbearable.

It is believed that dogs have a high sense of smell and vision as compared to humans and thus, bark and howl at imaginary characters at nights. They start howling and sometimes stop their human companions from walking further. Many documents were also written based on the experiences shared by locals about the mysterious disappearance of tourists who took a walk at nights along the beach. Locals also speak of hushed noises and whispers along the black sands of this beach. The air itself appears to be weighed down with bad spirits and spoils the mood of anyone who ventures out there. However, tourists who do not know about the haunted story go about venturing into the beach at night and risk their lives. 

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