Lady in my house – Horror Stories

Lady in my house – Horror Stories

I used to live in Piasau before I move to a new house in 2001. Previously my parents rent out the house to people. After moving back from Labuan, we decided to renovate the whole house and move in. At first, all of us do not feel anything but there is one spot that will make u feel spooky. It was outside the guest toilet door. Every time when you pass that area, u will have a very spooky feeling as if someone was standing there too, just that u can’t see it.

Beside the toilet there is a room, my aunt who used to visit us sometimes sees a lady in white sitting at the end of the bed when she passes by the room to the toilet. There is once during the 7th lunar month when I was in the room I heard two ladies talking in an unknown language, I was puzzled so I ask my dad to come to the room to check it out. But when he is in the room the conversation stop, as soon as he leaves the room it started again. So I just pretend nothing happens because I’m quite used to this type of situation because we ever lived in a haunted house in Labuan.

Another experience happens to my Dad in my Piasau house. One night while he was watching TV, he saw a lady wearing a shirt and a skirt walking from the hallway to the kitchen. He thought it was me so he went to the kitchen to check out whether it was me or not. when he walked to the kitchen he saw that my room light was on so he knocks on my door and found me inside sitting in front of the computer which shows that the person whom my dad just saw definitely not me. My dad did not share this experience until my aunt said she saw the same thing when she was at my house. And she describes the type of clothes the lady was wearing which were similar to the one my dad saw.

I hope you loved this Horror Story, and I’m sure you will love more Horror Stories like these.

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