The Mystery of Andrew Dowell – Horror Stories

The Mystery of Andrew Dowell – Horror Stories

This is the story of a girl whose husband died the night before her wedding but she didn’t know this thing. But he comes to meet her in the park one day.

On the eve of a chilly May, Adam and Mary were to have an intimate garden wedding at Savannah Park where they first met. Only family and dear friends were invited, it was a small, private affair. Marry was clad in a simple, white, lace dress. Like any girl, Mary was eager to marry the love of her life, Andrew. Meanwhile, the clock went past six, an hour late into the event, and Andrew failed to show up. No one at the wedding had any idea where Andrew was. Mary wept in shame and swore to never see Andrew again.

For some time, she never saw or heard from Andrew since that fateful day. Neither has she heard any news from Andrew’s relatives or family.

One Sunday afternoon, Mary’s phone rang, she got an unexpected call from her ex-fiancé, Adam asking her to meet him at the park where they first met. He told her that there was something he wanted to tell her and that he was deeply sorry for hurting her. He briefly explained that he just wanted a chance to be forgiven and that she was the first love of his life and that he never meant to leave her standing at the altar. After a month of not speaking to him, Mary wondered of Adam’s sudden urge to meet her. She was speechless at first but there was a mystery-like feeling that she wanted to see him again, so Mary agreed to meet him at Savannah Park.

Andrew was there. His face showed sadness as he was dressed in a white button-down shirt and white slacks. Mary felt a certain kind of emptiness as they met. They sat on a bench across the fountain, the street lights were dim and it was a bit dark. The park was now empty. 

Andrew held Mary’s hand, he was cold and shaky. Mary wept silently. There were no words but only a feeling of sadness and an unexplainable feeling of doubt and concern. Andrew had nothing to say to her except be with her as she let out all the hurt in tears of shame, sadness, and sorrow.

Mary finally asked, “Why didn’t you show up? Do you know how that felt leaving me alone at our wedding and never again showing up? I thought you loved me? How could you embarrass me like that?” and she felt anger and resentment again, she felt her cheeks red and Andrew just looked with eyes that were cold and empty. “Well, I don’t think you can explain. I hope you’re happy and I have made a decision to move on with my life. Goodbye, Andrew. “ Mary stood up, bid her last words, and walked rapidly away from Andrew and went home.

After several days, she got another phone call… This time it wasn’t Andrew, it was Andrew’s Mom, Mrs. Dowell. “Mrs. Dowell but what’s wrong?,” Mary asked.  Mrs. Dowell’s voice was hoarse and brittle, like she had cried for hours and finally, she said, “Mary, I have some terrible news for you. Andrew… He… He never meant to hurt you, dear… He… He passed away… He was murdered the night before you were to marry.”

Mary was stunned, could not believe what Mrs. Dowell had just told her. Mary, shaking with tears streaming down her face, told Mrs. Dowell that a few days ago, Andrew and she just met in the park and that he asked for a chance to be forgiven…  “How could he have called to meet me if he passed away the night before our wedding?”…Then, Mary felt a sudden, tingly, chilly feeling ripple through her body as she recalled Andrew’s odd behaviour that night at the park. “He was definitely there but he was cold and empty”, she explained.

Knowing what had happened and why Andrew came to see Mary, Mary lit candles and prayed for Andrew’s soul. She had forgiven him in her heart and also prayed for Andrew’s forgiveness in return as she had not understood what had happened when she met Andrew at the park that night.

Mary now knew that Andrew was stuck between the world of the living and the dead, and that her forgiveness would lead him to the light that he was so desperate to see and transition to the peaceful world where he now belonged.

I hope you loved this Horror Story, and I’m sure you will love more Horror Stories like these.

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