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Haunted Plcaes In Delhi

One side Delhi is famous for the most attractive areas such as Red Fort, Jama Masjid, etc. On the other side, Delhi is also famous for some haunted places.

If you are planning to visit in Delhi, before going there, know about some of the most haunted places in Delhi.

Delhi – Delhi Cantt

It is heard that a lady in white clothes on the cantonment road seeks help from lonely motorists for a drop at a nearby place. If the motorists do not stop, she takes vengeance by running after them and reaching ahead of the vehicle. People assume that she must have had fancy to travel and hence tries to woo only lonely motorists. Also at Ashok Vihar flyover, people who stop between 1 am to 4 am for directions from a lady in white clothes will definitely lose sight of their destination and end up having a break down in their vehicle or go about in circles.

Shaniwarwada Fort Pune

The stories of haunted places in India are found in every nook and corner. The latest one to be unearthed was the Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune, where the locals hear the cries of help from a teenage boy. It is believed that Narayan, the heir of the Peshawa Dynasty, was killed in the fort in his 13th year. The enemies chased him around the fort when the boy escaped. While trying to escape, he called out to his uncle for help in the vernacular language of Marathi. The locals even today hear the same wordings of the boy on every Amavasya day in the fort.

Thane Vrindavan Society

The story has that some time ago, a person due to his personal reasons or otherwise, happened to end his life in one of the buildings in Vrindavan Society. Immediately thereafter, the patrolling guards experienced haunted activities. The guard apparently was hit on his cheek with such a force that he fell on his colleague who was also patrolling in the same area. The force of the slap is said to be beyond human strength. On regaining senses, both guards looked around in search of the offender, but no one was found. Similar experiences are also shared by other guards who witnessed unnatural happenings in the area. 

DSouza Chawl of Mahim Mumbai

The Chawl in the Mahim area is called D’Souza Chawl consisting of five floors. The Chawl is a well-planned structure with a “well” to meet the water needs of the residents of the building. It is believed that a woman while drawing water was supposedly drawn inside it, after the soil surrounding the well collapsed. The non-existence of boundaries to the well enhanced the risk. Thereafter, people claim to have seen the shadow of that particular lady around the well after sunset. Apparently, no harm is recorded, but people fear to go near the well after sunset. 

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