Stationmaster v1.1 Game PC Windows Download Free

Stationmaster PC Windows Free Download Description:

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This is a game about sla*very and war in an age without rules of engagement. As a player, you will have the option to commit several crimes against humanity. If that’s not your cup of tea (s*e*x*ua*lly or otherwise), I respect your moral luck, but you will likely find everything about this game horrifying. That said, all characters are over 18, and I don’t think anyone should do anything described in this game in real life (except maybe for sitting at a desk all the time, but even that’s not good for your back). Stationmaster is a base-building game with a 4X space strategy component and a heavy focus on s*e*x*u*al slav*ery. You are the owner of a space station, and build it from a small-time floating b*ro**th*el to the center of a galactic empire.​

Stationmaster Version: 1.1 Game Features:

  • Game Size: 5.73 GB
  • Developer: StationmasterDev
  • Version: 1.1 Final
  • Updated On: 8 October, 2020
  • Game Status: Finished
  • Language: English

Download Stationmaster For PC Windows:


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