Scars of Summer v1.03 Game PC Windows Download Free

Scars of Summer PC Windows Free Download Description:

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You live in a quiet countryside town. Your childhood friend, Ryouka Enomoto, is a women’s basketball ace for her university.

One fateful day, when you find yourself without a place to live, your friend Ryouka lends a helping hand, and a room to stay in.

Now you must grapple with the struggles of finding a job and move out of your friend’s house before you overstay your welcome.

Scars of Summer Version: 1.03 Game Features:

  • Game Size: 1.12 GB
  • Developer: Kagura Games
  • Version: 1.03 Final
  • Updated On: 14 April, 2021
  • Game Status: Finished
  • Language: English

Download Scars of Summer For PC Windows:

Main Game:


PATCH 1.0X > 1.03:

Size: 872 MB


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