Top 5 Real Bigfoot Sightings – Bigfoot A Mystery Monster

Top 5 Real Bigfoot Sightings – Bigfoot A Mystery Monster


Bigfoot in Georgia Mountains


Bigfoot might always be associated with jokes. There will always be skeptics and non-believers and the existence of bigfoot has always been shrugged off as just a myth. However, researches and sightings with proof that this creature really does exist resurface. Read the following top 5 real mystery monster bigfoot sightings we compiled.

5. Bigfoot in Georgia Mountains.

Two men from Georgia claimed they stumbled upon a dead bigfoot or rather corpse of a bigfoot in the north Georgia mountains. Before they found a corpse, they have already sighted apelike creatures wandering through the woods and the specimen was very similar to it. They even showed photos on their website and Youtube videos discussing the sightings. Though they admit that they haven’t devoted to sasquatch proof haunting, still they believe what they saw was real.
4. Nebraska sightings.
In September 2013, around 5:30 am, a 15-year-old boy in Nebraska was driving when suddenly a 7-foot tall creature ran in front of his car. It then disappeared in the woods along the riverbank. The teen reported it to the police who took the investigation seriously. The Sheriff who has been in the service for over 6 years stated that he has no reason to believe the report was hoax though he is not sure what it really was.

3. Bigfoot sightings in Ohio – A Bigfoot in a woman’s backyard

In August 2013, a woman from Ohio claims she has been overwhelmed by bigfoot sightings around her home. She found 7.5-inch footprints in her property, she took some photos of it and showed to her mother’s husband who is a hunter, he confirmed that this is, indeed, not a human footprint. Due to skeptics, she does not want to reveal her true identity though she is not claiming that this prints to be anything but definitely not that of a human. The hunter also stated this is not a bear’s too, as there are toes rather than claws.

Her experience with bigfoot started 5 years ago when her husband took his dog for a walk and then they heard a growl which is like no other animal he heard before. The growling happened several times too.
2. Bradford, Pennsylvania

Dailymail UK reported that a man saw a bigfoot in Bradford, Pennsylvania. In September 2013, while John Stoneman, a hiker who was driving down the main road which is just a few yards away from the woods, saw something moving through the trees. He then spotted a 7-foot tall creature and took a picture of it while slowly driving away. He could not stop his car as it will cause traffic jams. He then checked his camera at home and was surprised at the snapshot.

He admitted that he is a skeptic but he believes that what he saw was not a bear nor as this creature was standing like a man, more like a bigfoot. He believed that this might be the closest proof of bigfoot’s existence.
1. Bigfoot in the woods of Kentucky
A devoted bigfoot researcher had shown video evidence and even DNA proof to verify the existence of bigfoot. Surprisingly, there are a number of laboratories and universities backing this claim. They stated that they carefully studied the DNA sample (blind samples) found by the researchers and everyone should be aware that they take this study seriously.

The researchers found a reddish-brown sasquatch sleeping in the woods. A coarse horse-like hair and a tissue sample were also found in February this year. Another evidence is the fresh blood marks in the metal downspout. All in all, the research gathered 113 samples including blood, hair, toenail, saliva, skin, mucous, and more DNA from Bigfoot.

There is still no definite evidence, tangible proof that bigfoots really exist. But then these researches and proofs really look promising. Though people will only believe is if someone can really present a real Bigfoot, face-to-face with human beings. What do you say?

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