Mystery Monster El Chupacabra In Manipur Explanation

Mystery Monster El Chupacabra In Manipur Explanation

Mystery Monster El Chupacabra In Manipur

Friends! What if you have a lot of animals like sheep, goats, and dogs? Which are tied in your corral and you are sleeping peacefully. But when you wake up in the morning and look outside you see that all your animals are dead and not just dead but died in a very mysterious way. Like there is no wound on them but a pit on their body and the disappearance of all the blood in their body. Today, we are going to know about a mysterious creature that carries out similar events.

A long time ago, there were reports of a strange animal attack from India’s northeastern state of Manipur. It was said that this predatory animal was targeting people’s pets and killing many animals such as dogs, cats, chickens and sheep goats in a single night.

Recently, there were also reports of its attacking on people. According to some people, this animal only hunted in the dark of night and disappeared after attacking.

It was being said that this animal had killed hundreds of animals in a single night and hence some people were comparing this animal to the Chupacabra of the west.

Chupacabra means Goats’ Blood Sucker.

In the 90s, the terror of this creature had spread throughout America and South America. This animal, named Chupacabra, had killed hundreds of animals overnight and drank their blood.

According to eyewitnesses, Chupacabra was a creature 3 to 4 feet high. It was with no hair. Its skin was rough. It had two big eyes on its face that would glow red or yellow at night and it had sharp teeth on its jaws,  with the help of these sharp teeth it used to catch its prey.  It used to drink its prey’s blood with the help of pits that he made on them. Therefore, not even a drop of blood was found in the victims’ body made of Chupacabra.

It is said that Chupacabra’s back legs were large and powerful, with the help of which it used to run fast or could make the high jumps.

All over America, many people were claimed that they had seen Chupacabra and this creature remained the subject of discussion for nearly 25 years. Some people even say that this strange creature named Chupacabra did not belong to this world rather it was an alien. Because before the attack of Chupacabra, people saw many UFOs in the area where it attacked the animals.

In such a situation, some people of Manipur believed that the Chupacabra was terrorizing them in their state as well. The mysterious deaths of animals were taking place in the area of Bishnupur in Manipur and hence there was a climate of fear and panic in the state of Manipur.

People used to stay awake all night keep guarding the houses and trying to find this mysterious creature.

According to government officials, this work was not of Chupacabra but some hungry wolves.

Friends, what do you think whether this Chupacabra had reached India or not?
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