The Mysterious Ghost Ship Flying Dutchman

The Mysterious Ghost Ship Flying Dutchman


Mysterious Ghost Ship Flying Dutchman


Friends, you must have heard many stories related to ghosts in your life. Often in these stories, ghosts are either present in a house or in a cemetery or in a deserted road or a deserted forest. But have you heard about any ghosts present in the sea? Yes, friends, ghosts present in the sea.


There are many stories of ghosts, present in the sea, but one of them is a unique and famous story of a ghost ship. This ship has been wandering in the sea for hundreds of years.


Sailors who have been traveling in the sea for hundreds of years have been telling the story of a ghost ship. This ship is known as the Flying Dutchman Ship.


If you have seen the Hollywood movie Pirates Of The Caribbean, you may have heard this name “Flying Dutchman“. The Pirates Of The Caribbean movie has also mentioned a ghost ship named Flying Dutchman and this name is inspired by the story of Flying Dutchman and this is the real ghost ship of the real-world legend.


It is said that a ship has been seen for several hundred years, mostly in the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa and many other parts of the world, sometimes floating in the sea and sometimes flying in the sky. it is also said that it is a bad sign (bad-omen) to see it and whoever sees this ship first, dies.


The Story Of Flying Dutchman Ship


Mysterious Ghost Ship Flying Dutchman


According to the stories, this ship belongs to a Dutch citizen Hendrick Van der Decken and is called the Flying Dutchman because of its Dutch captain. In 1641, Captain Hendrick Van der Decken traveled from Holland to India so that he could buy precious spices and silk and bring it to his country. After Buying, he was to pass through the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, returning to Holland.


 When he was near the Cape of Good Hope, he thought he would suggest to Dutch East India Company that they build a colonial center near the Cape of Good Hope so that Dutch ships could have a place to stay here on the voyage.


The Captain was so badly immersed in his thinking that he did not realize that his ship was heading towards the storm rising in the sea and something happened in the storm which caused this ship has got a curse to wander into the sea for eternity.


According to the story, it is said that the captain was drunk at the time of the storm and when the crew of the ship asked the captain to turn the ship back, he refused and said that he would not turn the ship back under any circumstances.


He said that he would go through this storm and he even abused God for the storm. Fearing the storm, some of the ship’s crew revolted. But the captain of the ship killed the leader of the rebels and threw him into the sea. As soon as the corpse fell into the sea, a bright light struck and a voice said that the sin you have committed today, you are cursed to wander the sea for eternity. You will try to reach the land, but you will never be able to reach and anyone who would see your ship will also die.
Since then it is said that this ship has been wandering in the sea and searching for the shore.


Famous Sightings Of This Ship ‘Flying Dutchman’


Since then, many incidents of sighting of this ship Flying Dutchman have been recorded, the most famous event being in the year 1881. When the then future King of the United Kingdom, King George V was traveling on the ship ‘HMS Bacchante‘.


He has written about this ship that on 11 July at 4:00 am the crew of my ship saw the Flying Dutchman ship. This ship was traveling only a short distance from our ship and a strange red light was coming from this ship and after some time that ship disappeared. It vanished as if there was nothing and then at 10:45 am the crew-member who first saw the ship, fell from a part of the ship and died.


Also in 1835, a British ship mentioned that they were very close to hitting the Flying Dutchman but at the last moment, the ship disappeared.


In 1939, dozens of people at Glencairn Beach in Cape Town saw the flying Dutchman ship coming ashore along with its open sail, which disappeared near the coast.


The most recent sighting of this ship is from 1942. When Admiral Karl Dönitz of the Nazi Navy was the commander of the U-boat forces. Then several of his U-boat navy soldiers reported seeing the Flying Dutchman ship. He said that he often saw an old ship in the sea with open sails, sometimes floating in the sea, sometimes flying in the air.


Several crew members of the Cape Town Lighthouse have seen the Flying Dutchman coming near the shore and disappear shortly before hitting the rocks.


This ship ‘Flying Dutchman’ Maybe a Mirage.


Mysterious Ghost Ship Flying Dutchman


But many people do not consider this ship to be real and some experts believe that the sightings of such ships are actually an illusion. In which the sailors see the Mirage of other ships in the sea and this is also sometimes due to some scientific reasons. In certain atmospheric conditions, the rays of the sun make a direct or inverted reflection of a ship far away in the sea or on the sky that disappears after some time, which makes some people think that they have seen a ghost ship.


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