Unsolved Mysteries Facts About Pyramids

Unsolved Mysteries Facts About Pyramids : Unsolved Mysteries Of The Pyramids


 Facts About Pyramids
Pyramids are the most mysterious topics for us. It is very important for us to solve the mystery of these great pyramids but whenever we try to solve its mystery a new mystery comes to us and makes us astonished. Today, We will know some facts about pyramids.


The Pyramid is one of the mysteries of the world which is unsold and remains a part of debate even today.


These Pyramids are from 4500 to 5000 thousand years old and researchers are still confused that how these pyramids formed?
So let’s explore the Pyramids.


The first question about the Great Pyramid of Giza is how did people build this staggering structure?


Now some of you must be wondering what’s the big deal in this? Some people may have made it in any way, If you are thinking like this, then you should know that it is not what it looks like.


About 2.3 million bricks were used to build this pyramid And each brick weighs was around 2700 kg. According to the Greek historian “Herodotus”, it took nearly 20 years to build this pyramid and about one lakh employees contributed to building this pyramid. According to him, this pyramid is the grave of “Pharaoh Khufu”.


Herodotus and Pharaoh Khufu
If we use the mathematics correctly then about 1 brick will be placed every 5 minutes, then this pyramid will be built and at that time, it was not possible to lift one 2700 kg brick every 5 minutes.


But the real question is how did pyramids form? Because the people of that time had no such technology that they could place 2700 kg of a brick anywhere in 5 minutes and it was impossible to build such a stunning structure in just 20 years.


If we go to build pyramids with modern-day helicopters, cranes, then it will take many years to build a pyramid.


Now talking about the expense of this pyramid, its total cost was about 5 billion dollars. How did they build such complex constructions? Recently researchers have discovered that the Pyramids also have many hidden chambers and some believe that the people of that time had not been given the knowledge of advanced technology by someone else but by the aliens themselves.


People believe that aliens came to Earth with the Orion Belt and went back after building the pyramids.


Orion is a constellation that looks like this in the sky during the winter season. If you observe the alignments of the pyramid, it meets the three stars of the Orion constellations. Both alignments are similar to each other.


Orion constellation in sky
This is big evidence that leads people to believe that there is some connection between both Orion Belt constellation and the pyramids and a strange thing is that the pyramids are not only in Giza. It is also present in other places in the world, such as Italy, China, South America and in many places pyramids exist. Every pyramid has a similar shape.


Orion Belt constellation and the pyramids



They all seem a copy of each other, Like, the people of that time used to share ideas by contacting each other. But at that time these civilizations did not have any means for contact among themselves. Then, why are Pyramids similar everywhere? It is very difficult to think about it.


The thinkers believe that there was only one medium of sharing similar knowledge in different regions of the world and these mediums were aliens.
No one knows what is true and what is fake.


Until now the mystery of these pyramids is unsold. But we hope that we will solve the mystery of these pyramids in the future.

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