How to Live a Healthy Hen-tai Lifestyle! vFinal Game PC Windows Download Free

How to Live a Healthy Hen-tai Lifestyle PC Windows Free Download Description:

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The game takes place in a world of joyous s*e*x*u*a*l mischievousness as s*e*x and pleasure is a common public occurrence, with the protagonist enrolling into Penile University to obtain a degree in P*er*ve*rs*ion and further his wisdom in the art
(and surely no other reason).

Protagonist Gotou Hajime hopes to score a degree in the highly researched topic of p*er*v*er*sio*n, and is the reason why he now lives with the Maezono family, as the mother is renowned for stopping an oncoming war with her expertise in the art of s**x*u*al diplomacy.

Hajime is more than willing to gather as much knowledge on p*e*r*v*e*r*s*i*o*n as he can to not only advance, his own understanding but to better society as a whole, even getting involved in e**r*o*ti*c situations with the aforementioned Maezono and her four daughters.​

How to Live a Healthy Hen-tai Lifestyle Version: Final Game Features:

  • Game Size: 3.51 GB
  • Developer: CLOCKUP
  • Version: Final
  • Updated On: 12 March 2021
  • Game Status: Finished
  • Language: English

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