Hayakari Hiromi A Manga Character of ‘I Am A Hero’ Zombie Manga

Hayakari Hiromi A Manga Character of ‘I Am A Hero‘ Zombie Manga

Hayakari Hiromi I Am A Hero
Hideo Suzuki from I Am A Hero 

I Am A Hero‘ This is a famous Japanese horror zombie manga. Its genre is action, horror, and psychological thriller. This manga was written by Kengo Hanazawa and published by Shogakukan. This manga was also seen in the magazine ‘Big Comic Spirits’. The run time of this manga was 2009 – 2017. This manga has 22 volumes available so far. A live-action film has also been made above this manga.

This manga begins with a man named Hideo Suzuki, a 35-year-old manga artist assistant. This man is very frustrated in his life, the reason for his disappointment is his stressful and low-paying job, and in his life, his unfulfilled dreams, strange kind of hallucinations, and unsatisfying relationships are the reasons for his unhappiness. 

One day in the world, that Hideo knew, a virus (known as ZQN) spread in it. The virus turns people into crazy killers, who behave more closely to a zombie, and whose first objective is to attack and devour the people around them. Hideo has only one sporting gun, which he uses to protect himself. He also meets many companions along the way. He and his companions protect themselves while meeting many people in the way and questioning the moral choices of their lives. Finally, to keep themselves safe, they (only three of them are alive) all reach the top of Mount Fuji.

Hayakari Hiromi I Am A Hero
Hayakari Hiromi from I AM A Hero

Hayakari Hiromi: This is a character who has a lot of sympathy for the undead and in fact, this girl also becomes an undead. But unlike the rest of the undead, she has the ability to think and understand. According to Manga, Hayakari Hiromi is bitten by an undead baby who did not have teeth in his mouth and due to this she also turns into an undead. After being infected, she gets very powerful and she also faces many zombies.

Hiromi is a high school girl who meets Hideo in The Sea of ​​Trees near Mount Fuji.
In the story, Hayakari Hiromi falls in love with Hideo, and he refuses when she asks him to become a zombie as well, and then Hiromi asks a giant creature to consume him but later, her inner self refuses her to do so. And she convinces that creature to leave Hideo.

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