Aokigahara haunted suicide forest of Japan

Aokigahara haunted suicide forest of Japan


Aokigahara forest


Welcome guys to my blog. Today, we are going on a journey of Japan’s most haunted suicide forest known as Aokigahara. This forest is very famous because of every year the rate of attempting suicides increases here. It is also the second most horror place in the world. If you are from Japan and looking for a haunted forest near me, then you will know about this forest.


Aokigahara Forest is located at the base of Mount Fuji, Japan. This forest was formed when Mount Fuji was erupted in 1864 and formed the base of this forest due to the dry lava. Here the trees have an unusual structure. Since the trees and plants grow here throughout the year, its view is very beautiful. There is not much wildlife here, so you will not hear anything other than the chirping of birds here. Thousands of tourists and paranormal enthusiasts visit the Aokigahara Forest every year.


Unfortunately, 80% of the people come here only because it is one of the world’s second most haunted places and Japan’s number one suicide spot. At the entrance to this forest has signboards that force people with suicidal thoughts to think about their family and friends. A suicide prevention number is also highlighted on these signboards. But most of the travelers ignore these signboards because their intention is only to behold the beauty of this forest.


Aokigahara forest


But there are some travelers who move from normal routes to unknown routes and leave a trail of colored tape behind them while going through these unknown routes. The trail of these colored tapes is also made by people who come with the intention of suicide in this forest, but they are not sure about the decision of their suicide and while returning, they leave out of the forest by following these trails.


There is a Japanese geologist named Asuja Hyano who has been studying this forest for the last 30 years. Hyano has told in an interview that if you follow the trail of color tape, you will definitely get something on its end. This can be the stuff of people who come here to suicide but they return home or the dead body of someone who had fixed his mind that he has to commit suicide. There are so many dead bodies in this forest that the authorities have to regularly investigate this forest to collect the bodies.


According to some statistics, at least two dead bodies are found here every week. It is difficult to tell the exact figure because it is no longer available and some bodies are found after a few years. Most of the people hang themselves here or overdose sleeping pills.
But who are those people who come here to commit suicide and what can be its reason?
Well most of them are Japanese businessmen, whose ages are estimated to be between 40 and 50 and it is seen every year that most suicides occur in the month of March. The month of March is considered to be the end of the financial year and maybe the reason that businessmen are facing loss and so they suicide.


Aokigahara forest dead bodies


But why is Aokigahara Forest chosen for the suicide? Well, there may be some reasons for this, in 1960 a Japanese author wrote a novel named “Black sea of ​​trees“. At the end of the story of this novel, two lovers make suicide in Aokigahara Forest and this novel was so influential that many people have tried to suicide in Aokigahara Forest like the couple from this novel. Along with this, another Controversial Book was published, in 1993, titled ‘The Complete Suicide Manual‘ and this novel describes Aokigahara Forest as the perfect place to suicide in reality.


Moreover, white spirits have also been spotted here. A story is very famous among Japanese people that Yuris roam here. Yuri is a spirit who has died in an unnatural or violent way. These spirits haunt people in this forest. It is said that those who come here to commit suicide, these spirits provoke them to do it.


Mobile, compass, and GPS systems stop working as soon as these devices enter the Aokigahara Forest because magnetic iron is found in Volcanic soil here.


The local people of Aokigahara Forest have faced problems a lot from being here. They have told how they hear screams here at night. No one would have thought that such a quiet and beautiful place could take such a creepy form.


However, there may be a way to stop these suicides. Scientists have estimated that the way this forest is born naturally, it will soon be finished in that way. Because there are a lot of possibilities that Mount Fuji will erupt again in the coming years and because of this, the trees and plants will not survive here. But the memories of those who have lost their lives in this forest will always be here.




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