A Very Creepy Horror Experience: Encountering With Badka Bhoot (Ghost) A Lifeless Creature

A Very Creepy Horror Experience: Encountering With Badka Bhoot (Ghost) A Lifeless Creature

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This story is of an uncle of mine who once, on a stormy night, was confronted by a terrible ghost, known as the ‘Badka Bhoot(Ghost)’. It is an Indian name, meaning ‘Forest’s Dead Creature’ or ‘very similar: Lifeless Creature(Zombie) ‘.

My (father’s brother) uncle who was a tailor and his shop was in front of our house. By the way, he no longer sews. But this story is when he used to sew. There was an uncle, whose name Jodhraj, working at his shop. He used to do a part-time job there.

That uncle(Jodhraj) was not from our village, but he used to come from a village near us. Since his village was not so prosperous and he used to study at a university in the district near us. He used to work as a tailor in our village in his spare time because there were no such facilities of part-time jobs in his village so, and secondly with this work he would earn a little money for his studies too. For earning, and running his house they would do work at our tailoring shop.

It took about forty-five minutes to reach his village from our village and he used to go by road to reach his village.

He is the one who told me this story.

Once, there was a very strong storm in our village and it was raining intermittently. Lightning was also in the sky. The storm was as if it would never stop. Since Uncle used to go to his house in the evening, but due to the storm that day he thought that after a while, when it would stop a little, then I would go home. But the storm did not stop. My uncle said to him that this storm is very heavy. You can sleep in this shop tonight. You can go home tomorrow.

But he said that “no! I would go, the storm is not so heavy and Mom Dad would also be worried about me in the house.”

Uncle said that it was okay but if you wanted to stay then you can stay.

…. but Jodharaj Uncle left for his house …

As soon as they left, the storm had more intensified and it was raining intermittently at very high speed. There were sounds of jackals in the forest somewhere far away.

Uncle stopped in one place. There were two routes, both were for his village. But the road was a little longer, but thinking that the forest route will reach me to the village soon, he was moved on the path of the forest. He had a torch which was giving a very dim-light. But due to the lightning, the way was looking visible. While walking, he was thinking that why was this route taking so much time to reach me at my village.

He was walking that when he saw a man on the way. He thought that he was surely going to the village. Got a travel companion. I should ask him for a company.

Thinking this, they started following him. He noticed that the man was walking limp with one leg and his head was towards the forest trees on the left side of the road. And his neck was bent downwards. It would be better to call him a bizarre man because his actions were not matching with the normal person in any way. Uncle found all this in his behavior. 

Uncle was following him and could see him only through the lightning. He was curious as to who this was. Probably anyone from the village. Let’s see it. He turned on his torch to see his (bizarre man) face. Just as they went to him and asked him to turn, his torch went off, and suddenly, there was lightning from the sky. He saw that man face in lighting. He fell far away at once and his body was as if they are suffering from being paralyzed.

He realized that whom, he was thinking a villager, it was his illusion because it was someone else out of this world.

There were two big holes in the place of his eyes as if someone had pierced both eyes with a big hook. Its jaw was separate from its place and was hanging on one side, out of which the teeth were visible. But the teeth were also such that if bite, remove the flesh of the whole body in an instant.

This is a Badka But how could all this be possible?

It was slowly moving towards him. Every moment when lightning flashed, he was just come closer to him. Uncle’s condition was very bad with fear and his tongue got stuck in his throat. It was coming fastly to him and disappeared by coming very close to Uncle.

Uncle kept looking here and there for a while and got up after a while and ran quickly towards his village. He ran so fast that he stopped at his house and got fainted at the door.

When he opened his eyes in the morning, he screamed very loudly Badka Badka ..Bad…..Bad

(Badkas are one of the ghosts who wander in the forest and walk like a zombie. Once someone sees it, it does not leave him alive. It is also called the Evil Spirit Of Forest. It can also be called A Merchant of Death. It is said because it is difficult to escape from its clutches. It will follow you in the entire forest and it will follow you until you get out of the forest. Once you have escaped from the forest then you are safe. But it is very rare that you can escape from its clutches.

This mysterious creature never leaves its victim alive, due to which mysterious corpses have been received from the forest many times. Whole-body of some person, whose body was found from the forest, was mysteriously eaten by someone. People attributed wild animals for these accidents. But many villagers believe that only Badka can kill these people so brutally.)

When he told me this story, I was also very scared. After that, he never chose the path of that forest and now he does not even live in that village because he got a very nice job.

He does not even know how he survived that day, but perhaps his Kul Devta (Penates) saved him. Because he always keeps his God’s garland with him.

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