Hachishakusama A Japanese Urban Legend : Hachishakusama,Noise,Facts

Hachishakusama A Japanese Urban Legend: Hachishakusama Noise facts


Hachishakusama Noise facts


Hachishakusama means 8 feet tall. Friends, Hachishakusama is a Japanese word and in English, it means 8 feet tall. Now you may be wondering why I am telling you about Hachishakusama, so friends, actually Hachishakusama is a Japanese urban legend and this legend is about a tall woman who kidnaps young children. In Japanese, Hachi means 8, and shaku means feet, and Sama is used to denoting length. The overall meaning is 8 feet tall.


Person to person, Hachishakusama is described differently. Some people have seen it as a terrible old woman wearing a kimono, while some have seen it as a girl wearing a white shroud. But the one thing that remains the same about it, is its height and the sound that comes when it arrives. Whenever it comes, the voice like¬† Po…Po…Po is heard. It is not sure what kind of sound it makes because this sound is very slow and incomprehensible and this sound comes from far. It has a voice similar to a heavily masculine male.


It wears a white dress and a cap on the head. Some say it wears a straw hat and some say it wears a white hat. But it doesn’t matter what it wears and what it doesn’t? When you see it, you will recognize it by its dress and its heavy and “Po…Po…Po” pooping voice. Hachishakusama has long arms and legs and black hair that covers her face. Once it has seen you, it does not leave you until it catches you. Its main victims are mostly young children. No one knows what happens to the children whom it catches. But they are never seen again.


Hachishakusama was captured by the Monks a long time ago and imprisoned in an old building outside the village. They imprisoned it with the help of four small sculptures. These sculptures are called “Zizos“, which were placed in the corners of north, south, east, and west. It was not possible to get out of there. But somehow it got out of there. Hachishakusama was last seen 15 years ago. It is famous for Hachishakusama that whenever someone sees it, he dies soon or mysteriously disappears.

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